Thursday, October 27, 2011

Video of Justin Clayton

This is a link to a video of Justin Clayton painting strawberries. It is really amazing!

Blogs I Like

Here are some cool blogs that I found. Enjoy!

Summer Artwork-Part 3

The last piece I did for my summer work was a collage of newspaper. I found a picture of my sister, edited it for more dramatic lights and darks, and set to work. I used all different parts of many newspapers to create this work of art. The values of this collage vary from very light to very dark, with a lot of variation in between. I wanted to make the picture more dramatic, so I simplified what was in the background, focusing more on the forms of her face and hair. This piece required a ton of detail and hard work, but I think it paid off!

Summer Artwork-Part 2

My second piece that I did for my summer art was an interesting reflection that was distorted by color. The piece was a reflection of myself in a CD, and I did this in color pencil. I did not have a specific color scheme because the colors in the CD were affected by a lamp and the light cast by it. The light did, however, create a few color spectrums on the CD and onto the reflection, which made the picture interesting. The focal point, the CD, is made obvious by converging lines, and the intensity of the colors add interest as well. 

Summer Artwork-Part 1

The first piece I did for my summer work was a corner of a room, which then turned into my concentration. I spent two weeks in France and stayed at a chateau, and became fascinated with the color and the effect light had on the colors of the room. I used mainly a cool color scheme, as well as a complementary one. The blues in the painting are complementary to the oranges. I took an ordinary picture and tried to make it interesting by my use of color and my composition. The sugar bowl on the table has an organic feel to it because I left it up to the viewer's interpretation for what it is. This picture inspired me to paint corners for my concentration.